The Purchase + Resale of Vibrant Dolls ™  / Vibrant Dolls Collection ™ on another platform / boutique website for profit without proper permission is strictly prohibited ! Vibrant Dolls ™ has the right to take legal action immediately,  as this is considered infringement if you do not have proper permission to use products that display our company name & logo.

Any items that are purchased from Vibrant Dolls ™ with the intent for resale (with or without permission) will no longer be accepted for returns, exchanges or store credit, they will all be FINAL SALE. 

If you have purchased Vibrant Dolls ™ items from someone / another store that is NOT Vibrant Dolls ™ affiliated (All affiliates would be listed on our website only) and it arrived damaged, In used/ worn condition, holds odor, or you did not receive the items at all, Vibrant Dolls Will Not Be Held Responsible If You Placed This Order With a Non-Affiliated Company (please know vibrant dolls does not send or sell WORN, OR DAMAGED clothing & vibrant dolls has the right to not honor Return/Exchange Policy). 


If you'd like wholesale or permission to resale contract please contact Help@VibrantDoll.scom