What Do I Need To Do?

Simply Follow The Steps Below To Get Started As a Vibrant Dolls Affiliate:

1. Join the affiliate program account here .

2. Set up your affiliate link & desired code.

3. Purchase or use a previously owned Vibrant Dolls products to drive traffic to www.VibrantDolls.com

    (Unfortunately, due to some previous dolls receiving products at no charge but NOT doing their part in promoting the item we no longer offer 1st Items free.) 

4.Generate sales and get rewarded up to 15% commission on every sale made with your code/link

Why Join Us?
The VibrantDolls Programs has some pretty amazing perks, to name a few:
  - Earn up to 15% commission on every sale generated 

  - Opportunities to run exclusive partnerships and exclusive offers with Vibrant Dolls

  - Cookie Length 30 days*

  - Track your results and optimize your activity to maximize your revenue.

* This is the average cookie period; However, this may vary.*

The Legal Stuff

There are some sites and some dolls that become interested in our program that aren't quite trust worthy, so we do need to run some checks before you will be approved on the program. We are only looking for those who are professionally interested in this program, so we urge those that aren't serious to not apply.  Once you've been approved you will receive an email and can begin earning.

** Please be sure to set up your payout method, if you do not set it up we will have no way to pay you commission and your revenue will be converted into store credit **