Vibrant Dolls is a growingly popular women’s Fashion & Beauty company. Vibrant Dolls carries a wide range of styles and trends, catering to all lifestyles and body types, including curvy+ styles. Our mission is to provide women with clothing that allows them to fully express themselves. We believe when you are yourself, you’ll have more confidence, happiness, and unique style. Every Year Vibrant Dolls looks for Fashion & Beauty affiliates to share our message, products, and brand to audiences all across the country! You can be a doll by joining our fashion affiliate program today! Though we are no longer providing clothing for free for affiliates, all dolls that sign-up will be given 25% off their first order of $25 or more. Please understand we are not a big name brand (yet) so sending out free clothing to dolls isn't something we can continue to do moving forward (for now), also in the past we've sent out free clothing to many influencers (micro-Influencers & some smaller IG 'celebrities'
that did not follow through) but we do not want everyone to miss out on this program because of others; we will randomly offer giveaways/PR to our affiliates from time to time but not before building a professional relationship with our brand.